City of Elberton
P.O. Box 70
Elberton, GA 30635
(706) 213-3100

Known as “The Granite Capital of the World” , Elberton produces more
granite monuments than any other city around the globe.

Central to Elbert County and 110 miles from Atlanta, Elberton is known for its unified rail, public airport, historic downtown, and Antebellum homes. As the county seat, Elberton is home to county government offices and other critical services. Downtown Elberton features historic Elbert County Courthouse, the Elbert Theatre and the Samuel Elbert Hotel.

Elberton is a hub for the area’s community events, hosting celebrations throughout the year including parades, cookoffs, and seasonal gatherings. Elberton is also known for several attractions including granite monuments, well-maintained parks, beautiful lakes, its picturesque downtown square, and the legendary 20,000-seat Granite Bowl.

The City of Elberton adopted its most recent 10 year COMPREHENSIVE PLAN in 2022.  Please view the document here.

Please remember that all transactions, with Elberton Utilities and ElbertonNET, including payments, may be conducted over the telephone or online.
There is no need for anyone to visit our Customer Service Center in person. We’re open and ready to help you, so please give us a call at (706) 213-FAST (3272).

Besides payments to Elberton Utilities and ElbertonNET, requests to turn on or turn off service may be initiated over the phone or online, while requests for payment extensions may be made over the phone. Also, the Customer Service Center’s drive-through window accepts cash or check payments during business hours Monday through Friday.

You may email us with community updates, info@elberton.net.
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