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The Elberton, Georgia/Mure, Japan Sister City Program began in 1982 when both towns' City Councils agreed to establish the program. The Mayors of both towns officially signed the agreement to establish the program in 1983.

The Elberton Sister City Program is a nonprofit group of local citizens that works to create and strengthen relations between Elberton, Georgia and Mure-cho, Japan. The program is to enable citizens to become directly involved in international relations in a unique and meaningful way, bringing long-term benefits to both the community and its partner abroad. The Sister City relationship allows citizens to exchange ideas, gain an international prospective and increase understanding of global issues as well as development of economic growth to both parties. The Sister City relationship also builds the foundation for increased tourism, reliable business contacts, cross cultural awareness, and builds a personal bridge to world peace.

The Elberton program is guided by a committee of 30 members of local government, business, civic, and educational community. It's funded by 25% from local government, 50% from the community through fundraising, and 25% from the participants in each annual exchange.


About Mure Cho

Mure is a town on the north coast of Shikoku Island facing the Inland Sea. Takamatsu City is the nearest large city and many people who live in Mure go to Takamatsu to work every day. Mure is famous for its association with the Genpei War which took place eight hundred years ago. The Genpei War was between the rival Genji and Heike clans and is described in the Tale of Heike. Many places in Mure are mentioned in the Tale of Heike.

Mure is also well-known for its stone quarries and earthenware factories. Many Mure people still work in Mure itself. The town's official motto is "Town of Education and Culture" and Mure looks to the future with its international links, large cultural center, and other modern facilities.


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