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   Public Works Director, Kevin Eavenson, 105 Gordon Street, Elberton, GA 30635, 706-213-3100 or

Municipal Cemeteries

Garbage Collection Schedule

   The Public Works Department is comprised of 7 divisions:

Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance

Leaf and Limb Division

Large volumes of leaf and limb materials being placed on the streets of Elberton have
prompted the Elberton City council to make a change in leaf and limb regulations.
The City is trying to control the amount of material deposited on streets in order to
keep the street crews on schedule.

The City will pick up residential yard clipping from contractors and yard clippings from residents as long as the debris conforms to the specifications.

Leaf and Limb Specifications

Leaf and Limb Pickup Schedule East of Oliver St.

Sept. 3 Sept. 17 Oct. 1 Oct. 15
Nov. 5 Nov. 19 Dec. 3 Dec. 17

Leaf and Limb Pickup Schedule West of Oliver St.

Sept. 10 Sept. 24 Oct. 8 Oct. 22
Nov. 12 Nov. 26 Dec. 10 Dec. 24

Residential Solid Waste Division

This Division is the sole provider of solid waste collection to all citizens within the City of Elberton. Residential customers are served through once-weekly curbside pickups utilizing a roll out Poly-Kart system. The current rate is $16.00 per month for collection plus a $3.75 per month surcharge to pay tipping fees imposed by the Elbert County Board of Commissioners.

Poly-Karts should be put on the street by 7:00 am the day of pickup, and removed from the street the same day.

  The City provides one (1), ninety (90) gallon Poly-Kart at no charge, however, if one cart is not
  sufficient to contain household waste between pickups, additional Poly-Karts may be purchased at a
  cost of $85.00 plus an additional monthly collection charge per Poly-Kart.

 Solid Waste Route


Commercial Solid Waste Division

This Division is the sole provider of solid waste collection to commercial and industrial customers within the City limits. Commercial collection rates are based on the size of the dumpster and range from $33.00 to $64.00 per month for once per week pickups. Surcharges will charged per container size based on monthly pickup rates to pay tipping fees imposed by the Elbert County Board of Commissioners.

All dumpsters must be leased or purchased from the City of Elberton. New customers should contact the Public Works Department to discuss the size dumpster needed.  Once a size is determined dumpster pad guidelines must be followed.

Lease rates per dumpster size:
2CYD - $8.50 a month
4CYD - $10.50 a month
6CYD - $13.00 a month
8CYD - $15.oo a month
For purchase prices please call 706-213-3190

Commercial and Industrial customers are required to provide rear loader containers that are compatible with the City's collection equipment and in sufficient number to contain solid waste between pickups. The customer may lease or purchase a container from the city or any preferred source that meets city requirements.

Rates: Note: Rates are monthly and included on Utility bill


X = number of weekly pickups









$19.50 $6.00        

2 Cubic Yard







4 Cubic Yard







6 Cubic Yard







8 Cubic Yard








Recycling Division

This Division is charged with the collection and marketing of recyclable materials. The Recycling Division was created to ensure that Elberton meets state provisions and to help preserve natural resources.

The Recycling Center is located at 209 MLK Boulevard. Any inquiries or requests for service may be addressed by phoning 706-213-3180 or 706-213-3100.

The City of Elberton operates a curbside recycling program for the residents of Elberton. Recyclables are picked up at curbside each Monday throughout the city.

Hours 7AM - 5PM

For a list of recycling tips click here.

MATERIALS NOT ACCEPTED FOR RECYCLING INCLUDE: Plastic wrappers, paper food wrappers, plastic containers not labeled with recycling symbol numbers.

Curbside Pickup is every Monday.



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