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Kevin Jordan
Fire and Building Inspector



In order to obtain a permit for commercial and/or residential
development, the following items are required:

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan.

A bond or letter of credit in the amount of $25.00 per application of the proposed
land disturbing activity. (Any construction within 200 feet of state waters.)

A statement from the Elbert County Tax Commissioner's Office certifying that
all ad valorem taxes levied against the property have been paid.

A copy of the warranty deed to show proof of ownership.

On commercial development, an approved Tree Protection Preservation Plan must
be included. Additionally, the soil disturbance permit will be issued to the property owner ONLY.

A building permit is required for the following:

1. New construction
2. Alteration of existing building
3. Moving buildings

Before any building permit may be issued, the following must be accompanied by an application:

Water and Sewer connection receipt if the structure is new.
Plat of property if not in a legally platted and recorded subdivision.
Building plans.


Heating, air, plumbing and electrical permits are required for any new or remodeled structure. For permit fees, please contact our office at 706-213-3100.

A sign permit is required for all signs. For a copy of our Sign Ordinance, click below:





Before any building permit may be issued, development plans must be submitted for review. These plans will be processed and reviewed by our staff.

The following number of plans are required for submittal:

1. Structural Plans: 2 sets/all mechanical plans must be included.

2. Site Development Plans: 2 sets. A hydrology, tree protection, and a landscape plan must be included for all commercial developments.

3. State Approved Plans: When required

Land disturbance: if over 1.1 acre or within 200 feet of state waters, a fee will be charged. Please contact our office for a copy of this permit.

Residential and/or Commercial Building Permit Fees are based on the estimated cost of construction.


Each contractor is required to fill out and file with the Finance Department a Regulatory License Application.

A copy of any state regulated license is required and must be submitted before permits will be issued.



The following type of inspections are required before a Certificate of Occupancy may be issued:

1. Soil Erosion
2. Building

Footing Inspection: Made after trenches are excavated and forms erected.

Foundation Inspection: Made when masonry walls, piers and anchorage requirements are complete.

Rough-In & frame Inspection: Made after the roof, framing, fire blocking and bracing are in place, all electrical wiring, plumbing, chimneys, HVAC ducts and vents are installed and ready to be covered up.

Final Inspection: Made after the building is complete and ready for occupancy.

3.100% and State Fire Marshal approval if applicable.

All inspections will be conducted on the next working day after they are received.

Any driveway cut must be submitted in writing to the Public Works Director. After approval from the Public Works Department, a permit will be issued. Any driveway on State Routes 17, 72, 77, or 77 Connector must be submitted to the Georgia Department of Transportation and be approved by that state agency.

Standard Uniform Building Codes:

  • International Building Code 2012 with 2015 amendments

  • National Electrical Code 2014

  • International Gas Code 2012 with 2015 amendments

  • International Mechanical Code 2012 with 2015 amendments

  • International Plumbing Code 2012 with 2015 amendments

  • International Residential Code 2012 with 2015 amendments

  • Georgia State Energy Code 1995

  • International Fire Code 2014 with 2015 amendments

  • Standard Swimming Pool Code 2012 with 2014 amendments

  • International Property Maintenance Code, 2015 Amendments

Tree Protection, Erosion, and Sediment Control: A copy of these ordinances may be obtained by request. A nominal fee will be charged.

All of these codes are with the GA amendments.

The City of Elberton has adopted a uniform numbering system for all buildings for the use by emergency personnel and others for officially named public and private streets in Elberton, Georgia.

The city shall be responsible for coordinating and maintaining the numbering list of buildings. The City shall approve street names. These numbers will be assigned in conformity with the uniform building numbering system established in the preceding section. Multiple occupants will be assigned a suite number.

Sec. 32-4 (a) Building Numbering Every person owning any building fronting on any street within the city is required to have the entrance marked with a number to be assigned and designated by the fire & building inspector, such number to be in accordance with a general system adopted for the numbering of buildings within the city.

(b) Affixing by city; payment of cost. Whenever the owner of any building fronting upon any street within the city shall refuse of fail to provide the entrance of any such building with a number as required by the city, such number shall be affixed to the entrance of such building by the city forces, and the owner of sight building shall reimburse the city for all costs incurred by it in providing such number for which execution shall issue.

Kevin Jordan, Fire & Building Official
Phone - 706-213-3203
Fax - 706-213-3125
E-mail -




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